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Lukas Rossi has proven that his vocal talents reach well beyond the “Mercury meets Buckley” comparisons offered by the general media. His vocal gift spans seven octaves (“and one half note”) from a deep guttural baritone to soaring soprano riffs. His songwriting and stagecraft has gained recognition from the industry as well as the general public.
Lukas has written and performed a remarkable number of songs during his 17 year career. His catalog encompasses a full range of genre from acoustic ballads to heart-wrenching tirades of pain and powerful musical statements about the state of today’s world.
Before 2006, Lukas formed and fronted two bands in Canada. The first was Cleavage (1995-2005) with brothers, Jonathan and Bill Jamieson. In 2005 he partnered with Pulse Ultra’s guitarist, Dominic Cifarelli, and his friend, Jay Cianfrini, to form the band, Rise Electric in Montreal.
Lukas earned a publishing deal with EMI Music Canada in 2004 which covers many of the Cleavage tracks as well as all of the Rise Electric music and other songs recently submitted. Lukas Rossi has co-written and appeared with other well-known Canadian bands.
While Rise Electric was on hiatus in the spring of 2006, Lukas flew to LA to compete in the popular television show, Rock Star: Supernova, as an audition for a new band comprised of Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newsted (Metallica), and Gilby Clark (Guns N’ Roses). His selection as lead singer of Rock Star Supernova earned Lukas a world tour of the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
After completing his tour, Lukas returned to LA to begin work on his own solo acoustic act. The Love and Lust EP was released in June 2007 and Lukas took to the road. After road testing dozens of new songs, Lukas decided it was time to form his latest band, Stars Down. Throughout the course of their musical union, the members of Lukas Rossi's bands have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues and making countless public appearances all the while recording new song versions, this talented Rock Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike
No stranger to the stage and television, Lukas performed live at the 2006 Gemini awards, appeared on (and won) the CBS television series Rock Star: Supernova (9 million viewers in the US, another 9 million worldwide), as well as appearing on Ellen, Regis & Kelly, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Entertainment Tonight, The Howard Stern Show, and ET Canada.
Lukas is a producer, songwriter, actor, vocal instructor and gives live performance stagecraft instruction. Get in touch to learn more about his musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.

Bands & Projects


Tommy Lee - Andro

Lukas Rossi has two featured songs on Tommy Lee's new album "Andro" set to be released in October 2020. "You Dancy" and a cover of "When You Were Mine" by Prince. " Lukas is incredible, This is my favorite song on the record " - Tommy Lee

Switchblade Glory

Switchblade Glory

​On April 15, 2011, a debut album was released which featured Rossi as lead vocals under the band named Switchblade Glory. The album was engineered and co-produced by Andy Johns.


The band features Kenny Aronoff on drums, Steve Polin on guitar and Greg Mauro on bass. Producers are Gary Hoey and Steve Polin. Lyrics and melodies by Rossi.

Stereo Satellite

Stereo Satellite

Stereo Satellite consists of singer Lukas Rossi (Rockstar Supernova), guitarist Jared Cannata (J. Rad), bassist Erik Leonhardt (Tantric), and drummer Jordan Cannata (Adrenaline Mob). Stereo Satellite is a modern rock band with elements of many genres thrown in the mix as a result in each member's diverse musical influences.

The band debuted on the 2018 Shiprocked Cruise alongside bands such as Stone Sour, In This Moment, Seether, Black Label Society, P.O.D. and many more.  Shortly after, Stereo Satellite had the honor of opening for the legendary Bon Jovi at the final show ever at the BMO Harris Bradley Arena in Milwaukee, WI to a sold out crowd. 

The Halo Method

The Halo Method

The Halo Method formed in 2012, in Hollywood, CA.  The band consists of vocalist, Lukas Rossi (winner of Rock Star Supernova), guitarist, Ben Moody (We Are The Fallen), drummer Miles McPherson and bassist, Josh Newell (ex~In This Moment). 

They made their band debut on board the ShipRocked Cruise in December 2012 & rocked the boat once again in 2014.

Their debut 4~track Reset EP  was released on May 28, 2013 and a  few short months later, they  performed at a benefit concert, for Angel on My Shoulder, in August 2013 in Eagle River, WI ~ along side numerous bands, including SKillet and P.O.D.

King City

King City

In 2016, Lukas Rossi joined forces with Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace to form the duo known as King City.  Their first single, Neurotic, was released on August 25th, 2016.

Stars Down

Stars Down

In 2008, Lukas Rossi debuted his next project,Stars Down. The band consisted of Rossi (vocals, guitar), German Briseno of Vim Furor (bass, vocals), with occasional appearances by Lou Dawson (keyboards), and guitars and drums with various musicians.  Crowds always love seeing them in full performance mode, and the band couldn't be happier to have such incredible artists joining them on stage and in the studio.

Rockstar Supernova


Rock Star: Supernova is the second season of the reality television show Rock Star. The show, hosted by Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke, featured 15 contestants competing to become the lead vocalist for a newly formed supergroup featuring Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, and former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

On September 13, 2006, Lukas Rossi was crowned the winner and became the frontman of Rock Star: Supernova.



Cleavage was formed Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He formed and fronted two bands; the first was Cleavage (1995–2005) with brothers Jon and Bill Jameson. The Toronto-based band won the "Best Canadian Unsigned Band" award at the 2000 NXNE Music Festival in Toronto.

In 2004, Rossi entered into a publishing deal with EMI Music Canada. After acquiring this deal, Rossi worked with producer Dave Tyson in Los Angeles and later recorded with producer Gavin Brown.

Crowds always loved seeing them in full performance mode, and the band couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible catalog of work.

Rise Electric

Rise Electric

Sutherland has record label
By KAREN BLISS -- For JAM! Music
Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, who was inducted into Canada's Walk Of Fame yesterday, is an avid music fan and guitar collector, who also co-owns Ironworks Music, in Silverlake, CA, which is more than just a recording studio.  "It's a label and a production company, and actually we do management, as well," says Sutherland, the star of the hit TV drama "24." "We take care of Lifehouse, which is on tour now and we just finished our tour here in Canada with another one of our artists named Rocco Deluca (Ironworks first signing)." Sutherland's partner is Illinois-born musician/producer Jude Cole, himself a recording artist with a handful of solo albums to his name. Sutherland, who has never recorded an album of his own, actually made a spoken-word appearance on "Joe" from Cole's 1995 album, "I Don't Know Why I Act This Way." The long-time friends built the studio from scratch in a historic ironworks foundry. It is decorated with more than two dozen of Sutherland's vintage and new Gibson guitars. They don't rent out the studio, rather bring in developing artists such as Australia's Ry Cumming. "We work in two facets," says Sutherland. "We either release a record on our own through independent distribution facility, like RED, otherwise we might shop a deal like we did with an artist like MoZella for Warner Brothers." While working in Toronto filming political thriller "The Sentinel" with Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger, the Los Angeles-based Sutherland -- who was born in the U.K. to Canadian acting parents Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas -- has been catching some local talent. Just two weeks ago, he took in a set at Clinton's by new EMI Music Publishing (Canada) signing Rise Electric, a rock band whose singer, Lukas Rossi, used to front Cleavage (which won best Canadian unsigned band honour at NXNE 2000). Was he scouting or there for pleasure? "Both," Sutherland says. "I love music. When I see a band that I think fits what we're trying to accomplish with the label, obviously I'll approach my partner. The Rise Electric show, he was fantastic. That's a fantastic band and I was just walking down the street and I heard them playing and I walked in."
Told that the band is unsigned and he chuckles. "I know. I have their information."


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