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"Acoustic ballads to heart-wrenching tirades of pain"

WOKECHIMP https://www.wokechimp.com/lukas-rossi-im-just-human The new single ‘I’m Just Human’ by Lukas Rossi is OUT NOW and available to stream on all major streaming platforms. ABOUT THE ARTIST Lukas Rossi is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician who now lives in Nashville. With a vocal range spanning seven octaves, from a deep baritone to a soaring soprano, it is not surprising that he was the winner of the CBS Television reality series ‘Rock Star: Supernova’. After winning the show, he became the lead singer of the hard rock supergroup Rock Star Supernova which included Tommy Lee, Johnny Colt, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted. In addition to his singing talents, Lukas Rossi is also a successful producer having signed a number of artists. He recently teamed up with Lisa Raphael of Raphael Films to add the industry of music video production to his ever expanding repertoire of professional experience. With a songwriting career spanning over seventeen years, Lukas has a plethora of diverse artistic work ranging from “acoustic ballads to heart-wrenching tirades of pain and powerful musical statements about the state of today’s world”. Prior to 2006, Lukas Rossi was the frontman for two Canadian bands: Cleavage (1995-2005) with brothers, Jonathan and Bill Jamieson and Rise Electric, partnering with Pulse Ultra’s guitarist Dominic Cifarelli and Jay Cianfrini. Continuing his travels around the United States and Canada, Lukas performed solo-acoustic tours as well as full stage performances with his band Stars Down. Incorporating all of his production and musical talents, Rossi managed to write, perform all instrumentation, produce and engineer four full albums in only two years. In 2010, Lukas wrote all of the lyrics, melodies and lead vocals on a Grammy-nominated album with famed producer Andy Johns. He went on to co-write and co-produce a “genre breaking album” with the 2012 ShipRocked cruise with KORN, Godsmack and other major artists. NEW RELEASE Lukas Rossi’s new single ‘I’m Just Human’ was produced by none other than John Fryer who has worked with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Love and Rockets and Jesus Jones.  His latest track begins with a clean electric guitar accompanied by distorted percussion that, when coupled with Rossi’s emotive vocal, creates a sense of epic expectation for the build that begins to kick-in around the thirty-five second mark. A beautifully balanced harmony line is incorporated throughout as the track progresses which perfectly compliments the main melody. The lyrical content of the track is an emotive commentary on his relationship with his family with lines like “my mother was a fiend and my father was a ghost” coupled with the realization that “no one can choose their family” expressing the pain felt through the remembrance of one’s history. This is truly a genre-blending track that will assuredly appease fans of slow-rock, pop and ballad lovers. Rossi’s diverse vocal color is certainly a stand out feature in this track and will leave you wanting to hit repeat multiple times to capture his flawless performance. ‘I’m Just Human’ by Lukas Rossi is OUT NOW and available to stream on all major streaming platforms. Make sure that you follow Lukas on his social media to keep up to date with his upcoming performances and releases!  Instagram: @lukasrossiofficial

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