Flashback Article - Hollywood Rock Underground/IndiePulse Music Exclusive Interview with Lukas Rossi


IPM: Your cover of “Hello” by Adele is phenomenal, how did that come about? Why did you choose that particular song?

My wife had been listening to the song on repeat around the house for about a week or so. She LOVES Adele. I would hear it in the back of the house and one day the melody just hit me and truly moved me. Then, Kendra comes bouncing into the room saying “I’d love to hear your take on such an incredible song.” I agreed, it’s such a departure type melody. Plus, the lyrics had such a reflection on a similar relationship that I myself had been through ….so I found myself singing it a little more aggressive  to really bring out the lyrics Adele had written, to make it reflect the sadness and anger of a lost love in the way I, as a man, had experienced it. It wasn’t soft and sweet. It was loud and aggressive and beautiful and hurt and tragedy and angst and letting go all at the same time, and not so pretty.