Flashback Article - Man Candy Monday: Lukas Rossi


Other times you fall in love with an artist. Seeing them perform makes you question whether or not you’ve ever heard music before. You not only want to buy their album, you want to buy everything they’ve ever released – singles, EPs, that one song they did that one time that you don’t know the name of but you need to have it anyway. But no, that’s not enough. You also want to make sure all of your friends buy all of that stuff. You want to spread the word near and far. You know your new favorite artist is the shit but you can’t rest until the rest of the world knows it too. When Lukas performed Creep by Radiohead on week six of Rock Star Supernova (one of my all-time favorite songs to begin with), I fell in love. When he performed his original song, Headspin, (which later appeared on Rock Star Supernova‘s self titled album) I know that love was the forever kind of love and it was. I am a proud Rossi Posse member to the end.