Flashback Article - Single Review: “Glass Houses” by Stereo Satellite


Rossi is just as pivotal to the song’s success, his snarl epitomizing what a rock singer is supposed to be capable of. Channeling a bit of anger into the choruses, he tapers off at the verses, belting the lyrics out in a gentler manner, fully demonstrating the impressive range he wields so effortlessly.

Bold and loud, it’s obvious that this four-piece outfit takes pride in being a no-frills rock/hard rock band, utilizing that intensity to ensure that they leave a lasting impression. “Who was that?!” will no doubt be a question on the minds of many newcomers upon hearing Stereo Satellite, be it in a live setting or just their recorded material. You’re going to take notice; and it will be exciting to see how things unfold for them in 2018.