So, I'm under the impression that you've been working on Stereo Satellite for the last couple of years, is that true?

Yeah, I started it around 2014, 2015 and unfortunately, you get called back to the main job at the time and gig of Adrenaline Mob and I always kept it top priority when it was being done so it was tough. I always had to put it on the back burner but there was a ton of songs. I had completed almost an album and a half to two albums of material and just kept it on the back burner but after the accident a few months went by and it was just like, "OK, what do I do? I'm losing my mind." And, I had to turn to music. So, it took every ounce of me just to press the play button and start listening to the songs again. Then I called John Moyer, my buddy, one of my best friends and not only from Adrenaline Mob but just as one of my dearest friends. I said, "I've got to do this." and he was like, "Without a doubt. Let's do this." He always loved the music and jumped at the opportunity for us to do something again and that's where it started, that was the reset button. We were looking for singers and a mutual friend turned us on to Lukas and what can I say, I saw one video, "Hello" from Lukas, the Adele cover and my mouth dropped to the floor. It was stunning. Within two days he sang a track, at least what vocals were on the track, the tracks and I was like, "Do your own thing, man. This is our band now. This is our music, a true collaboration." He sent us back "Glass Houses" and oh my God! This guy is amazing and here we are. Not only is he an amazing singer, he's an amazing person and he is, for myself, as a collaborator, he is truly the best writing partner that I've ever had the honor to connect with.