Flashback Article - Stereo Satellite’s Mike Orlando: ‘This Is a Band, Not a Side Project’


With Lukas, because you had already musically written things in advance, did his addition change any of the songs or approach because now you had a voice to write to?

To be honest, it was such a welcoming factor to hear his voice and his approach to stuff where it was like, "Do what you want with the music?" The music was already written and there was tons of things with vocals on there, but it was like, "Do your thing." And it was amazing. I'd lift the vocal track and then send it over to him and I wanted him to make it his own. I wanted this to be our thing, a true collaboration. Some songs we kept the same from what I did originally, but nah, it was a breath of fresh air to hear him take musically what I had and turn it into what is Stereo Satellite right now. That's the sound is that collaboration.