Flashback Article - The Halo Method (2013) – Reset EP Review & Full Album Preview


They must have heard our aching souls begging for appeasement and known that we would find solace in their tribal drum rituals and in those shrieks that pierce the nights of darkness. Be forewarned: The aural landscape has changed or is about to in 2013.

One band out there is in the experimental lab, sculpting a new type of sound, indulging in sonic architecture, marrying and merging the aural, the visual and the theatrical. No one has a crystal ball but, based on their graphic art, one could easily imagine this band in the future as cutting-edge travelling troubadours in a post-apocalyptic Cirque du soleil or carnival-inspired rock show, complete with grease paint, costumes, awnings and lasers and dancers, acrobats, mimes, firebreathers, jugglers, slinking in and out of view, maybe even robots and warriors in full armour.