Fresh New Tracks From Lukas Rossi!

Lukas Rossi has done it again with this refreshingly upbeat and catchy album appropriately titled 'Summertime'. Anyone who remembers the show Rock Star Supernova will recall that Lukas emerged victorious largely due to the many different sides of his vocals and his emotionally powerful performances. He's since garnered a loyal following of fans and has released multiple solo albums, each of which showcase his vocal mastery and diversity. 'Summertime' fits this bill and does not disappoint.

Taking a slight detour from his usual alternative rock style, this album features a bit of a pop flair that is infectious and uplifting. It's sure to reach a variety of age groups and genres with some dance style beats and fun lyrics on the title track 'Summertime' and 'Lock n' Load'. There's a smooth rap style to other tracks such as ‘Here Comes Trouble’ and ‘Faded’. And still other powerful tracks such as ‘Foolish’ and ‘Superman’ show lyrical depth by digging into addiction, relationship struggles and more. This is an album that you will find yourself playing all the way through and reaching for repeat, catching more with each listen.

Check out Lukas on social media where he is constantly engaging with his fans and surprises all with impromptu chats and performances, a bonus that not many artists can claim. If this hasn’t peaked your interest, don’t take my word for it… download Summertime and see for yourself. It’s available on all mainstream media outlets now!