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"Kaleidoscopic rush, with vivid colors pouring in"

BEACH SLOTH http://www.beachsloth.com/lukas-rossi-im-just-human.html A sensitivity ties together Lukas Rossi’s powerful “I’m Just Human”. The track goes for a tenderness. Stylistically it draws from anthem rock, pop, with a bit of dance thrown in for good measure. It radiates with a sense of defiance as the lyrics reflect upon the power of overcoming. Over the course of the piece Lukas lets a unique form of architecture take hold. Beats bounces off each other. Melodies are woven together in a way that becomes ever more consuming. Highly ornate he proves to have a great ear for melody as they come together to create a kaleidoscopic rush, with vivid colors pouring in. Fragile guitar work intermingles with a gentle, ramshackle rhythm. Vocals are sung with a tremendous soulfulness. Yearning to break free from the hardship and heartache the lyrics rely upon a desire to rise above. The buildup gives it a sense of grandeur, even nods to a cinematic flair. Within this meditative hypnotic looping, the song grows in potency. Everything about it has a joy to it for it never stops, but sprawls out into the seemingly infinite. Volume deserves to be slowly turned up, for with each reiteration of the theme a power comes within focus. By letting this power increase, it becomes a virtual wash of sound to get completely lost in, which the finale fully confirms. Lukas Rossi’s “I’m Just Human” has a vulnerability to it, one that feels welcoming and highly relatable.

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