Lukas Rossi Stageit Show - Saturday, February 27th!

Lukas Rossi has an upcoming show on Saturday, February 27th at 8pm Central/9pm eastern LIVE on Stageit!!

If you know Lukas and had a chance to catch any of his previous shows, you'll know not to miss this! If you don't already have a ticket, grab one now - the shows have been selling out fast! The suggested price is 150 notes which equals $15.00 USD.

There are rewards for the top supporters on Stageit!

- Top supporter will receive a download of the new album "Human Toys" plus more surprises!

There is an option called "hitch a ride" for those who may not be able to afford a ticket. This allows other generous fans to purchase ticket for you if they choose to. If you can afford to purchase a ticket, or will be watching with others, please consider buying an extra ticket or two for friends or family, just as you would if you were attending the show in person or even purchase one for another fan who might enjoy the show.

You can also support by purchasing tickets for friends and family and introducing them to the music you already know and love. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!

We know times are hard and we appreciate all the love and support! Thank YOU! And remember to keep sharing and spread the word! Music needs you more than ever! -- See you soon!

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