Lukas Rossi Stageit Show - Saturday, January 2nd!

Lukas Rossi has an upcoming show on Saturday, January 2nd at 8pm Central/9pm eastern LIVE on Stageit!!

Lukas Rossi | Jan 2, 2021 | Story Tellers (

If you know Lukas and had a chance to catch any of his previous shows, you'll know not to miss this! If you don't already have a ticket, grab one now - the shows have been selling out fast! The suggested price is 100 notes which equals $10.00 USD.

There are rewards for the top supporters on Stageit!

- #1 supporter will receive a special guitar flash drive with UNRELEASED music!

- Top 5 supporters will be invited to a SECRET listening party for the upcoming album!

- Top 10 supporters get access to the exclusive Zoom after-party where you will get to hang out after the show with Lukas! This will be an unscripted chill session you never know what might happen!