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"The mood of the song is slightly beautiful to melancholic"

Canadian rock musician, singer and songwriter Lukas Rossi should be familiar to one or the other. 2006 as the winner of the Rock Star: Supernova casting show, he played with stars Tommy Lee and Jason Newsted among others in the band, which was named after the TV format, until 2008 and released an album with this project (incl. 4 single releases), with which he achieved platinum status. In 2008, after a lawsuit (a pop punk band had the same name), the band disbanded. Now the front man of this Allstar band is back and presents his new single with I’m Just Human after a long break. I’m Just Human was produced by none other than John Fryer, who also worked for Depeche Mode, Jesus Jones, This Mortal Coil or Nine Inch Nails. With a slightly melancholic mood I'm just human and this feeling lasts throughout the song. The rock song with trendy rein has an interesting arrangement, which is not too heavy, but also not too soft to the touch. In the verse, the instruments hold back a little, only in the refrain they can develop their full effect. The main melodic feature of the song is clearly the vocals by Lukas Rossi, whose vocals are highlighted by the successful production. Held in mid-tempo, the song has a melodic effect that it is never missed. The song is characterized by a catchy but moving score. The mood of the song is slightly beautiful to melancholic and unfolds its full effect in the chorus. Catchy instrumental parts meet harmonious, melodic vocals that get under your skin. Conclusion 10 out of 10: With his new single I'm Just Human, Lukas Rossi publishes a good rock song that also tells an interesting story. Friends of rock music who want to take it a little easier are well served here!

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