Tommy Lee Released Two New Songs – Listen

“It was me sitting around writing like a maniac,” Lee said. “I would just go down to the studio and tweak out – it would be like, ‘Whoa, he’s been down there for fucking days.’ But I would just be banging on the keyboard, and a sound would inspire me, or suddenly there would be this beat … and it all just followed.”

Lee admitted that his collaborators wrote their own lyrics. “Everybody really brought it,” he said. “We were all just really in sync with what we were trying to accomplish.”

The album also features a cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine,” led by Lukas Rossi, as well as other titles such as “You Dandy,” “Caviar on a Paper Plate,” “P.R.E.T.T.Y.” with King Elle Noir, “Make This Storm” and “Demon Bitches” with Brooke Candy.